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Yebaishou lost its last steam engines in November 2001 due to assignment of second-hand DF4 (Shenyang-Harbin electrified in September 2001). Fuxin had some workings of their QJ intoYebaishou, but also finished steam traction around November 2001.

Two newly built DF5 have replaced JS 8237 and 8238 on shunting duties in autumn 2001.

Sept 2001: At least one new DF4 arrived from Guangzhou bureau! Maybe this is the end for steam here?

August 2001: They still hadsome 16 QJ which are in use in a blended schedule together with lots of DF4.

29 to 30 May 2001, reported by Peter Patt: JS 8328 (8327 and 8326 seen in January 2001 by Hans Schaefer)
QJ 3268 / 6086 / 6321 / 6409 / 6414 / 6416 / 6417 / 6418 / 6554 / 6677 / 6726 / 6728 / 6729 / 6776.

Description of the working of the steam locomotives during their last time:
Yebaishou based locomotives, steam and diesel, run on all all three lines from Yebaishou, but on different trains every day. Double traction occursoften, but you find all kinds of steam and diesel combinations. Diesel willalways be the first locomotive on a train, if there is any diesel. Yebaishou has also three JS, two of them for shunting in Yebaishou station, one for shunting at the coal loading point in Pingzhuang.

The line towards Chifeng is upwards for the first 17 km out of Yebaishou. The maximum incline is 21 per thousand. From the opposite direction there is a hard incline from Shahai towards thetop at km 17 with maximum 21 per thousand incline.

The line towards Lingyuan / Hongshi goes steep upwards out of Yebaishou. Many freights are banked by a QJ.

The line towards Chaoyang - Fuxin is first flat or downwards, until Gongyingzi. Then comes a steep incline of up to 16 per thousand towards Boluochi. Trains here are often double headed, but the second engine returns light engine to Yebaishou from either Boluochi or Chaoyang. Yebaishou also uses one of their QJs to haul the local passenger train from Cahoyang to Beipiao.<

The returning helper engine towards Boluochi, as well as the banker towards Lingyuan, seem to be mostly QJ. TheFuxin based engines working into Yebaishou seem to be the same engine everyday.

Fuxin-YiXian-Yebaishou in May 2001 (Peter Patt): Fixed freight paths exist but except a few sure QJ workings, trains change haulage every day. There is apparently no different schedule on weekdays and weekends. About 50-70% of all trains are still withsteam (but not all are pure QJ hauled!). For the trains hauled byFuxin based engines, the same engine is used every day.

Map of incline from Gongyingzi to Boluochi, east of Yebaishou.

Map of incline from Yebaishou to Shinao, on the Chifeng line. I updated this map after getting it from Florian Menius, who got it from an unknown author.

Some photos, especially of the interior of Yebaishou depot.

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