Some pcitures from autumn 2002, by Hans Schaefer

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The author in Daban depot before starting to work.
Pingzhuang coal mine: One of the German LEW electric engines with adump train on top of the pit.
Pingzhuang coal mine: Five trains in one picture. Work trains with SY and coal and stone trains with electric erngines in the pit.
The mixed train Yuanbaoshan - Fengshuigou just east of the bridge with JS 8218 in a forest with autumn colors.
Daban depot: Two newly arrived supershine engines: QJ 6840 in the foreground, and QJ 6978 in the background.
Slag cleaning on a windy day at Daban depot.
A freight arriving Daban from west. Just south of the depot is an abandoned brick work.
Locomotive two starts blowing sludge.
QJ 6735 and 7143, two early Daban eninges, parked at the depot readyfor service towards Haoluku.
Galadesitai: A train with empty cars and only one engine on its wayup. The fields still contain corn and sunflowers.
The cutting at km 507 on level 2 on the Jingpeng pass: QJ 7112 andone more thunder and smoke through here.
Hadashan station and DaWa mountain in the background. QJ 7041+QJ ontheir way towards Shangdian. The new filling the station is situated onis clearly visible.
A downbound train starting at Hadashan
QJ 6878 + 6517 working up through Hasdashan
In the curve from level 1 to level 2 just below Hadashan. Km 480.
QJ 6301 with an eastbound freight nearing Gulumanhan from Daban. Theauthor was firing here.
QJ 6301 with the same freight hard working at the level crossiong betweenGulumanhan and Chaganhada. Here, steam was open fully and cutoff was 50%.The train has 29 cars, about 2200 tons.
QJ 6997 one station west of Haoluku. waiting for a crossing train,on its way towards Baiqi.

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